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BONUS ep: LittleTalks by Steph Connolly

February 3, 2021

LittleTalks is a project which aids communication between children and their loved ones in prison.

Steph Connolly did her BA in IADT and has just finished her MA in NCAD. Her design brain has taken a problem she saw from her own life and created a beautiful, practical solution to quite a sensitive issue. LittleTalks is a project she created in her BA and is now developing further following her MA. 

This episode acts as a season bridge as I develop Season 2 which will come later in the year! I am now looking for larger MA or PHD projects. Get in touch if you would like to be involved! Email


If you would like to learn more about Steph's project follow her on instagram 


Happy New Year and Stay Safe! 

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